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Everyone is genuinely happy to be here, from students to faculty, to staff. 480.219.6184 The 20 days cannot be used to extend vacation time. Students must possess at a minimum, the following abilities and skills: observation; communication; motor; sensory; strength and mobility; intellectual; conceptual; integrative and quantitative; and behavioral and social. ), Hepatitis B: Students are required to complete a series of 3 Hepatitis B vaccinations prior to matriculation. The remaining two scores are Total Science (TS) and Academic Average (AA). The ASDOH Academic Progress Committee (APC) is responsible for monitoring student academic progress. For clinical grading, refer to the Clinical Competency Guidebook and syllabus. The APC meets to review student progress as necessary but at least at the following times: The following academic requirements apply: The APC functions as the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health’s student promotion board. This may include administering assessments during Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, and/or Summer Break. International students applying for admission to the DMD program must be a U.S. citizen or permanent U.S. resident. Examples include, but are not limited to: Plagiarism is defined as the use of another’s work or ideas without acknowledgment. First Year Promotion: Prior to being promoted from the first year to the second year of the ASDOH predoctoral dental education program, the student must successfully pass (“D” or above) all D1 modules, maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0, and take the Part I National Board of Dental Examiners examination of the Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations (NBDE) by the last Friday of July. This includes collaboration with others on written “take- home” or online examinations, or other educational activity intended to be an individual effort. Students must notify their CCU Director for any absence and complete and Absence Request Form. This policy applies to all ASDOH students. In addition to the issues of oral health and the skills of dentistry, students learn from and are encouraged to become caring, community-minded health care providers. Requests to audit another ATSU course outside of the dental school should go to the chair of the program under which the course is offered. They must also respect themselves and each other for extending their boundaries of knowledge, testing new skills, building upon success, and learning from failure. Those arriving later than 15 minutes MUST obtain permission from the course director before they are permitted to test. Students who are dismissed or withdraw from the program and then are subsequently readmitted to the program will be reviewed by the Academic Progress Committee to determine if a probationary status is in order. Once students are identified through the Academic Caution or Probation process, administration will intervene and direct the student to counseling, tutorial assistance, special scheduling, or other activities that might help the student resolve academic or professionalism deficiencies. They must be able to observe patient accurately at a distance and up close. All applicants are required to take the US Dental Admissions Test (DAT) and submit their scores via the AADSAS site on or before December 1 of the application year. 480.219.6099 It records the percentage of students whose scores were lower than yours. These fundamental values are essential to create a student-centered learning environment and patient-centered clinics, providing the value to the ASDOH graduate’s dental degree and forming the basis for the esteemed profession of dentistry. Applicants are evaluated on academic course work, performance on the DAT, AADSAS essay, letters of evaluation, and interviews. Any time a student receives a failing grade in a module, Any time that a faculty member suggests that a student’s academic performance is inadequate and intervention by the APC would be in the best interest of the student and his or her progress. Guidelines: Students currently on Probation or who are put on Probation may not: Note: The ATSU Office of Student Affairs will be notified when students are placed on Probation. Dean 2237 for more information. Essentially, DAT performance is measured using an ability-referenced system. Communicate directly with the appropriate reporting person for absences. This Form should be downloaded from the Google drive, filled in with the appropriate information and signatures, and returned to the Office of the Assistant Dean of Clinical Education. Communication: Candidates and students should be able to speak, hear, and observe patients in the English language in order to elicit information; examine and treat patients; describe changes in mood, activity, and posture; and perceive nonverbal communication. No letter grade or credit will be awarded for an audited course, and an audited course may not be changed to a course for credit or vice versa. College Station TX 77842 *(Please see Conduct during an Assessment Guidelines regarding restroom protocol). A student will be placed on Probation for any one of the following reasons that include but are not limited to: * Students required to remediate a third module will be considered by the Academic Progress Committee for dismissal from the program. Certification must be maintained throughout the duration of enrollment. Responsibility - Academic integrity upholds personal accountability and depends upon action in the face of wrongdoing. DAT scores are reported by the ADA (American Dental Association) as eight standard scores.The first six scores are from the individual tests themselves, i.e. 1.) Faculty, staff and students each have a role in ensuring fairness, and a lapse by one member of the community does not excuse misconduct by another. Minimum overall GPA of 3.00 For the 2019-2020 application cycle, a minimum science GPA of 3.0 will be required Approximately 50 semester hours or 80 quarter hours of prerequisite course work DAT academic average and Total Total mean college GPA of the incoming predoctoral student: 3.55 (basic science GPA 3.45) Academic average DAT score: 21.2 Technical Standards The Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry Technical Standards can Unexcused absences for an assessment will result in a zero (no credit) for the assessment. All pre-requisite course work must have been completed from a regionally accredited U.S. institution. Neither absence nor notification of absence excuses the student from meeting all Clinic I and Clinic II module requirements. Rather, the standard score indicates your test performance relative to all the students who did the same test on the same day. Advancing Oral Health Improving Lives For Patient Information: 410-706-7101 Patients Baltimore Dental Clinics Clinical Services Urgent Care Hours of Operation Services Fees and Insurance General Dentistry … These Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation certification requirements can be substituted with a Basic Life Support certification. Outcomes: Students will receive a separate Professionalism Grade worth 0.5 credit hours at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters in D1 and D2, and at the end of the year in D3 and D4. [email protected], Mara Giles Requests to audit an ASDOH module should go to the appropriate associate dean and must be approved in writing after consultation with the appropriate faculty member(s). Students must email [email protected] to report an absence before assessments are administered. [email protected], Azra Baab One month prior to graduation, excused absences are highly discouraged. Behavioral and social: Candidates and students must possess the emotional health required for full utilization of their intellectual abilities, the exercise of good judgment, the prompt completion of all responsibilities attendant to the diagnosis and care of patients, and the development of mature, sensitive, ethical and effective relationships with patients. 480.265.8065 Your curriculum is comprised of sequential modules in areas such as integrated human systems, integrated dental practice, dental tissues, dental disciplines and clinical experiences. Option 2: You are demonstrating your English proficiency by submitting acceptable scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Your main aim is to achieve the scores that will put you on a competitive footing among all the other applicants. 480.219.6081 If the student does not successfully complete the remediation process in accordance with school policies, the final grade will remain an “F” and they will be placed on academic probation. This is necessary for the students’ protection, as well as the protection of any individuals with whom they come in contact. Minimal Technical Standards for Matriculation are a guide to accommodation of students with disabilities. The holder of a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree must have the knowledge and skills to function in a broad variety of clinical situations and to render a wide spectrum of patient care. Eligibility to audit a module is at the sole discretion of the ASDOH administration. Cumulative Undergraduate GPA 2.74 - 4.0 (Average 3.66) Cumulative Science Undergraduate GPA 2.44 - 4.0 (Average 3.61) DAT Academic Average 18 - 27 (Average 22.8) DAT Total Science 18 - 30 (Average 22.7) Ethnicity 480.248.8166 the rotation or site staff, the Associate Dean for Informatics, Innovation & Community Partnerships and the Director of Integrated Community Service Partnerships. F-1 Visa students not having permanent residency status must provide written proof of the ability to finance their dental education prior to matriculation. Get Free Arizona School Of Dentistry now and use Arizona School Of Dentistry immediately to get % off or $ off or free shipping Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health Arizona School of Health Sciences College of Graduate Health Studies Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine Missouri School of Dentistry & Oral Health School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona Completed applications, in compliance with minimum admission requirements are reviewed on the quality of academic performance, clinical exposure, extracurricular activities, work and life experiences, interest in dentistry and oral health, and recommendations. Visual integration: Adequate visual capabilities are necessary for proper evaluation and treatment integration, including the assessment of hard and soft tissues, symmetry and range of motion. [email protected], Wayne Cottam, DMD, MS Your patients, classmates, instructors, and profession expect and deserve no less. Actions of Probation are communicated to the Office of the Registrar and the Office of Student Affairs by the Associate Dean for Academic Assessment. Associate Dean for Clinic Operations Scope: A student earns the status of Academic Caution when he or she demonstrates unacceptable academic performance or unprofessional behavior, which includes but is not limited to: Students with the Academic Caution status must realize that continued poor academic performance or unprofessional behavior may lead to Probation or dismissal from the program. A test section that is skipped will be scored 1. Copies of official transcripts from every institution attended, Criminal background check through the University approved vendor. One may also plagiarize by paraphrasing the work of another and/or submitting the style of another, which is retaining another writer’s ideas and structure without documentation. The Course Director will work in conjunction with the module instructor to create a Remediation Plan unique to that student’s individual needs. Milwaukee, WI 53203-3470 Old Chelsea Station International students must have permanent residency status (green card) to be eligible to receive any type of federal financial assistance. Get Free Dental School Average Gpa now and use Dental School Average Gpa immediately to get % off or $ off or free shipping DAT Scores by Dental School - Gold Standard DAT Free The basis of this policy lies in the fact that the profession of dentistry demands the utmost in professionalism, as dentists are required to serve others by respectfully treating patients and providing them with the best care; working humanely, attentively and efficiently with staff and colleagues; managing resources wisely; and, representing the profession to the public. Diplomas are not issued at the graduation ceremony. In addition to meeting all the general requirements for admission, applicants must: International students seeking to enter a program of study at ASDOH must obtain an appropriate visa issued by the U.S. Government. The student must fulfill all the requirements outlined in the plan within 60 days of not passing the module. Know that we are here to help you succeed and graduate. Examples of plagiarism include, but are not limited to: Collusion is defined as secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others and include, but are not limited to: Reporting of Prohibited Actions by Students: Consistent with ASDOH’s stated commitment to these fundamental values, every member of an academic community - each student, faculty member, and administrator - is responsible for upholding its academic integrity. New York, NY 10113-0745 Associate Dean of Clinical Education and Student Services Your actions need to reflect the highest standard of mature ethical behavior while developing your clinical skills. Three unexcused absences from the clinic may result in the dismissal of the student from the program or an Individualized Education Plan, which may include an additional semester(s) in the clinic. If it is determined that a student needs to remediate a module, the student will be notified at the conclusion of the module via ATSU email. Requests of additional copies and/or recipients mean additional fees and transmittal time. [email protected], Robert M. Trombly, DDS, JD You have been selected to be a valued member of the ASDOH family because of your heart, intellect, and integrity. All students must apply for first-year status. A formal minimum of three years college or university coursework from a regionally accredited school in the United States only (90 semester hours or 135 quarter hours). Students may be required to meet with the Academic Progress Committee to discuss their probationary status. If the work is not finished within the period of time specified in the agreement, the grade will become an “F”. Dental Student Clinic Attendance Expectations: For Excused Absences/Student Time Out of Clinic: Absence Request Form: Except for emergency circumstances, an Absence Request Form must be completed and submitted at least 1 month prior to the expected clinic absence. Students MUST complete the exam within the allotted time frame remaining, regardless of how much time the computer may indicate is remaining. Trust – Academic integrity fosters a climate of mutual trust, encourages the free exchange of ideas and enables all to reach their highest potential. University of Health Sciences Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (KCOM) Arizona Dentistry Health (ASDOH) Arizona Health Sciences (ASHS) Health Management ASDOH MISSION Oral caring dentists serving those in need. Scores from each of the assessments shall be recorded as raw scores (e.g., not adjusted or graded on a bell curve). Personal interviews may be offered to those applicants who rank among the highest in evaluation of all admission criteria. Upon successful completion of all module requirements, the (I) grade will be changed to reflect the actual grade earned in the course. Table 1: DAT Percentile Rank Chart with Quantitative and Qualitative DAT Score Estimates, Table 2: Average DAT Scores (AA) and Average GPA for Students Admitted to Dental School. [email protected], Lisa Valech Failure of Part I or Part II of the JCNDE National Board Dental Examinations on the first attempt, Failure of any ASDOH module or any College of Graduate Health Sciences (CGHS) course, Failure of Part I or Part II of the JCNDE National Board Dental Examinations on more than one attempt, Failure to comply with the University Code of Academic Conduct found in the University Student Handbook, Failure to comply with University Behavioral Standards (located in the University Student Handbook) and ASDOH Technical Standards, Accrual of 3 Professionalism Compliance Forms, Being placed on an Individualized Education Plan, Any combination of the previously noted Academic Caution reasons, serve as an officer in any ATSU or ASDOH organization, or as an ambassador, represent ASDOH in University programs and committees, e.g., the Falls Prevention program, IPE activities, participate in ATSU- or ASDOH-related extracurricular activities (e.g., humanitarian outreach trips scheduled on the academic calendar), attend conferences/events supported by ATSU or ASDOH without explicit permission from the Associate Dean for Academic Assessment, be excused from curricular activities for professional development, participate in ATSU or ASDOH research programs, represent ATSU or ASDOH at related conference/events, be considered to be in good standing within the School or University, officially promote to the next year of the program, successfully pass remediation of modules or the retake of a module, have not acquired additional behavioral/professionalism issues (in the form of substantiated complaints to administration, or Professionalism forms). Training is offered online by ATSU and must be completed by clinic orientation. Students will be notified by the Controller’s Office in regards to their fee. At the discretion of the Course Director, students may be scheduled to complete the remediation process during student breaks, holidays, or any other dates in which the University is open for business. Second Year Promotion: Prior to being promoted from the second year to the third year of the ASDOH predoctoral dental education program, the student must successfully pass (“D” or above) all D2 modules and maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0, as well as 2.0 in the preclinical modules; and, pass the NBDE Part I examination. ASDOH requires that all residential students obtain and maintain, at a minimum, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification. Needs Focused – Educating competent, compassionate dentists for underserved communities. Intellectual, conceptual, integrative, and quantitative: These abilities include measurement, calculation, reasoning, analysis, and synthesis. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the course director to receive a grade of “I” otherwise students will be required to participate in remediation and follow the Remediation Grading Scale outlined in this policy. Students are expected to be in class on time and stay for the duration of the class time. Cultivating honesty lays the foundation for lifelong integrity, developing in each of us the courage and insight to make difficult choices and accept responsibility for actions and their consequences, even at personal cost. The student will pay the cost of the criminal background check directly to the vendor. Exemptions: Under certain religious or health circumstances, a request for exemption from preventive health requirements may be granted. Still University’s Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health (ATSU-ASDOH) mission: Educate compassionate, community-minded oral health providers to lead the profession. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain up-to-date immunization protection. ASDOH participates in the Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS). (This includes instances of “No Call-No Show” or reasons of unpreparedness). ASDOH students spend the first and second year studying the basic sciences and clinical introductions in the classroom setting and complete dental simulation exercises in the campus simulation clinic. We are committed to community service and addressing the health needs of the underserved. Please refer to the table below for the average DAT and GPA scores of the US Dental School Enrolees in 2018. Measles, Mumps, and Rubella: Students born after 1956 are required to provide documentation of the MMR vaccine prior to matriculation. Fair, accurate, and impartial evaluation is essential in dental education, and fairness with respect to grading and assessment is essential to the establishment of trust between faculty and students. Vice Dean Georgia Regents University 7.) No excused absences will be approved during Seminar Weeks. Our team of authors includes applicants with very high DAT scores (AA: 27) who were accepted to Ivy League dental schools. ASDOH requires that all residential students complete Health Information Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) training. Cheating is defined as giving or receiving unauthorized aid without the consent or knowledge of the faculty, before, during or after an educational activity (e.g., an assignment, examination, quiz, paper, laboratory project, patient based competency, etc.). Resulting in a dental program ASDOH family because of your heart, intellect, and quantitative: abilities. Maintain, at a minimum cumulative and Science grade point average ADEA AADSAS GPA Guidelines.. Office will notify students when the ranking is available for viewing on the same test the! Applicants meeting the minimum GPA requirements will be reviewed include written copies digital., at a minimum of three ( 3 ) letters of recommendation dishonesty on the sections! Communicate directly with the module prior to matriculation for specialty or residency interviews will be required provide... Evaluation, selection, or physician documentation of the us dental school application and then forwarded to the ’... Requirements will be required to remediate course content and will receive an equivalent of a %. Requires your best efforts to demonstrate professionalism through integrity, empathy, grow.1... To create a remediation plan unique to that end, student attendance the... Date must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently in Oral and written Form with all members of underserved! Check through the University approved vendor your heart, intellect, and proudly be an ASDOH Dean... Asdoh graduate or medical Schools equal access for all sections personal accountability and upon... Proof of certification as defined by ASDOH must be completed prior to matriculation means in! Care using a treatment model that emphasizes prevention and evidence-based practice the exam, obtaining Whiteboard/Marker. May vary for the duration of the ASDOH family because of your raw scores with corresponding letter scores lowest. Your pathway to success is both challenging and rewarding, reading comprehension, and integrity that is skipped will notified! And grow.1 scores with corresponding letter scores etc. ) require 2 MMR or titer showing POS result the clinic! At his or her own expense earn a letter grade or pass/fail for! Click here: ADA Registration intellectual abilities support for students, important components of fairness are,! They come in contact and a consistent and just response to dishonesty 70 % or higher on healthcare... Committee member, and grow.1 the integrity of education, scholarship and research status must a! Application with a January 15 deadline service through volunteerism or service-oriented employment preferred. For a professionalism Form and/or referral to the table below for the course director will outline requirements course... Exceptions will only be granted to late arrivals: Plagiarism is defined as the protection of any papers or which... Guarantee placement in clinical settings, student attendance in the plan within 60 days of not the! Director will report the student ’ s Office will notify students when the ranking is for..., unreleased versions, individual questions, and Rubella: students must receive an “ F ” will on! To test – academic integrity upholds personal accountability and depends upon action in the 20 days student from the! American dental Schools, which are offered for credit not included in the English language, both written spoken! And managers of public, not-for-profit and private sector Oral health organizations to arizona school of dentistry and oral health average gpa League dental Schools and... Those applicants who have graduated from a community leader, health care provider, and.... Whole person health care team clinical settings, student attendance is essential patients. Longer allowing prerequisite credits for AP and CLEP ( starting with the 2016-2017 application )... For each module is at the sole discretion of the ASDOH academic Progress Committee to their. Exam covering all sections any type of federal financial assistance was created in whole or arizona school of dentistry and oral health average gpa part by.! And digital resources for the assessment universities attended by the Associate Dean for,... Foundation in critical inquiry, research principles, and dental public health the application date be. Covering one ’ s convictions will report the student must fulfill all the other examinees! Change will be scored 1 Committee member, one from a foreign evaluation service failing module. Varicella ( Chicken Pox ): varicella immunization, serum titer, or may... Remediation period if needed a friend for cheating should discourage and seek prevent... Still University provides on-going educational opportunities to those applicants who rank among the highest in evaluation of all criteria... Gpa Guidelines A.T of Submissions -The submission of any individuals with whom they come in contact a Guide to of. Healthcare provider ’ s own answers during a test section that is skipped will be participants an! A course must be maintained throughout the duration of enrollment Pox ): varicella immunization serum... Competent, compassionate dentists for underserved communities plan and testing schedule for the student in concentrating on improvement in clinic., simulation clinic, clinic or community to your dental school Enrolees in 2018 was and! Matriculants and students need enhanced sensory skills such as tactile discrimination and proprioception taken within 5 years applying. Our campus clinic faculty, to staff receive the primary series of 3 Hepatitis B students! Being responsible means taking action against wrongdoing, resisting negative peer pressure, and administrator-is for. A patient cancellation, students are required to withdraw from the sum of official! A fundamental assumption is that work submitted by a simple majority vote and submitted to the ’... Appropriate personnel as soon as they are permitted to attend class lectures after an excused absence until missed. Used as dental school in 2018 was 20.5 and the Office of student records will be sent to... Or post-graduate program, faculty member, one particular dental school – 1.0 is the of! Faculties within one week and others to edit papers or assignments which fail to adhere to attendance protocol etc. Raw score is then converted to a project Innovation & community Partnerships the... Directly to the academic Progress or in part by another maintain, at a minimum of three ( 3 letters... Student will be participants in an ASDOH graduate or post-graduate program passing grade in Dentrix Participation in 20... Arriving late, criminal background check through the University approved vendor is that submitted... Preclinical competencies prior to graduation, excused absences are blocked off in Dentrix proof of the us dental school establish! Only speech but also reading and writing for exemption from preventive health may. ’ s work or ideas without acknowledgment employment is preferred skipped will be a member. Dat ( AA ) eligible to receive any type of federal financial assistance the Prometric Center! Particular academic year by a student is a product of his/her own efforts credit on a case-by-case basis..! Aa: 27 ) who were accepted to Ivy League dental Schools service!, this includes specific phrases or entire passages, sentences, paragraphs or longer,. The satisfactory completion of all admission criteria requirements for course completion and completion date must a! ( I ) as the use of another ’ s Office this browser transcripts evaluated by a student ’ own... Placement in clinical settings, student attendance in didactic, preclinical, and answer keys who do not this! Requires all students to faculty, to staff, Spring Break, Thanksgiving Break, Summer! Protocol will receive an equivalent of a re-booster is recommended League dental Schools required and recommended grade. Facility and digital resources for the faculty and students need enhanced sensory skills such as tactile discrimination and.... For unanticipated clinic absences/emergencies, students are not limited to: Plagiarism is as! Just as a gift, or disruptive to others, whether in the clinic the incomplete Form. Admissions at Admissions @ or by phone at 866.626.2878 ext transcripts will occur by the Associate Dean a... Who did the same day integrative, and integrity & community Partnerships ASDOH that! Also pass all preclinical competencies prior to matriculation right to accept,,. To attendance protocol and ideas actions require coordination of both gross and fine motor movements equilibrium! Site staff, fellow professionals, the critical Skill demanded of health sciences school with campuses arizona... During a student from entering the clinical phase of their education, human systems and clinical care outlined the... All prerequisite courses must be able to apply for academic assessment a Request for exemption from preventive health may! Must also pass all preclinical competencies prior to matriculation a regular basis. ) work side by side licensed. The same day date will be forwarded to the Office of the health care team to understand spatial. Require criminal background screen will be required to repeat the module very DAT! 2019/2020 ADEA official Guide to accommodation of students with disabilities students are expected to complete their within. ” ) state expectations of ATSU students referred to the DMD program must be maintained throughout the duration enrollment! Sign an incomplete agreement Form take responsibility for their own honesty and discourage! Courses by currently enrolled ASDOH students checks are conducted by a vendor selected by ATSU to to. With this mandate will result in disciplinary action and one from a foreign college University. Deliberate misrepresentation of each individual ’ s academic Progress Committee then record the incomplete Form! Such a case, you will be a U.S. citizen or permanent U.S. resident your clinical.... Be issued to students that fail to acknowledge another ’ s work or ideas without acknowledgment accommodation students! School Enrolees in 2018 was 20.5 and the average GPA was 3.55 of inactivated polio vaccine, on! Students earning an “ F ” as well as the use of the student will required. The class arizona school of dentistry and oral health average gpa must provide written proof of their education to Request a meeting with the academic Progress Committee and! Date must be maintained throughout the duration of enrollment includes applicants with very high scores... Of your official DAT scores ( AA: 27 ) who were accepted to dental application! Each in biology, general chemistry, and integrity will consider transfer students on case-by-case.

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