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Anyone would be proud to add this replica to their collection! 31/ 34/ 460/ 430L/ 470th Preis: € 21,95 (0) Ersatzmagazin für Baikal MP-61 Seitenspanner € 12,95. His last comment was that the cocking lever on his rifle comes loose and falls down when he shoots. The placement of the fulcrum makes a big difference for me. I use it to repair all kinds of stuff. My hat's off to you. just received my Nickel Schofield No.3 today. It is small enough to fully seat a tight pellet without mangling the skirt. It went from a low of 821 f.p.s. The locking system with slide cylinder and direct in-rifling pellet seating, produces maximum velocity. I put self adhesive sand paper on the butt to keep it from slipping off my leg while cocking this rifle. July 2019 . Perhaps some UK airgunners have an easy fix for the issue. Add to basket. 98 (16) Ersatzteile K98 WK2 Fertigung (56) K98 Patronentaschen / K98 … Our TbT Maxi range of kits offer all the advantages of our standard kit, but with the addition of an export powered spring. Shooting this rifle is safer now, because my fingers are not inserting the pellet into the breech. I have ruined 2 .22 cal. Please explain how I can do this. The Diana K98 marks the beginning of a new chapter for the brand - breathing new life into this classic replica of the Mauser K98. yea me too but nothing worse than a springer that you can hit stuff with. Scares the hell out of me. Chris The rifle can be sent to a firearms dealer or can be pick up from are offices by appointment Rifles & Shotguns can be sent posted … DIANA Mayer & Grammelspacher GmbH & Co.KG Postanschrift: Oesterweg 21 | 59469 Ense Service: Auf den Geeren 23 | 59469 Ense Phone: +49 2938 97837 - 60 Fax: +49 2938 97837 - 162 info(at)diana … The spread was large, though. Anything approaching 20 grains and over cause the bounce. Add to cart. A healthy kick, but all under control. Mod. rather just return it. Guides that fit the spring properly keep it under control during the firing cycle prevent it from rattling around, all metal to metal contact is eliminated. Add to wishlist. At first glance, one would ask themselves about the front barrel band and the front sling band,…. Leírás és Paraméterek Vélemények . Da aufgrund des fehlenden Regulators aber die Leistung zum Ende hin doch recht stark abfällt, empfehle ic… in the test rifle. A day we should never forget. The German home market adds to this with an extended piston head. This is one of those guns that just makes you grin just looking at it, let alone shooting it! It may eventually work it’s way loose and attach to the lever anyway. Mod. The big secret to it all is to find the proper balance to it all. The Mauser K98 under-lever gas-ram Air Rifle from Diana! 20 T01 . I myself would certainly enjoy reading it. Enough said for now, BB has covered this one already. Would look good in a display case ! Tinbum Tuning have developed a value for money air rifle tuning kit that really works! This is in comparison with my 2 M1,s and spare stock. The kit comprises of the guide set from the TbT Standard kit with the addition of a pot of Bum-Slide hi moly paste, and a short stroke extension. Thread: Diana Mauser K98. 27. I guess anything on muzzle heaviness will have to come there, too. Dieser ist komplett im Echtholzschaft versteckt. And really,…. Diana Rifles All products All products .177 .22 1000fps 1050FPS 1090FPS 1120FPS 1150FPS 1250FPS 1320 FPS 21 240 280 31 34 350 460 470 48 495fps 56 56 th 740fps 850FPS 870FPS 900fps 950FPS ar8 BLACK break barrel CLASSIC DIANA HUNTING k98 Magnum mauser n tec outlaw P1000 PAL PANTHER pcp premium rifle RWS spring piston Stormrider TH wood youth Uncompromising in quality and reliability with outstanding accuracy. Bad news is that it doesn't look like they'll have it in stock until the end o Diana Mauser K98 - Welcome All Airgunners But it was late , I was tired and by the time I realized my error, it was too late to correct it. TopAirGun.com is the number one top-rated air gun store on the internet. just less room (air space) in front of the piston when cocked. Dom I do not seem to have a loading issue with the TX or the LGU. The fulcrum for the underlever is located far out on the rifle (it’s where that stock screw is). Simple — the fulcrum is high on the rifle and cocking is a matter of pulling down! Vortek can make you a spring to suit your needs, wants or desires. CA$370.00. I have 2 winchester -Daisy co2 M 14,s, and I agree with you re a co2 M1 Garand version. Nothing would happen. You can NOT fan fire this Schofield pistol and if you could the rear sight would probably take its toll on your hand. By using qd swivels on the springfield sling, I can remove it when I want to display it and replace it when I want to shoot it. to a high of 852 f.p.s. Hopefully BB will chime in and write a far more detailed blog about this. Anyone would be proud to add this replica to their collection! 17,95 € * in den Warenkorb . It is not easy to avoid lever unlock, because this rifle is heavy and poorly balanced. Which one did he leave out? Home > Diana. Ecco, purtroppo, la Diana ha fatto pagare tanto l'estetica, per le prestazioni siamo molto ma molto distanti da altre Diana. Previous product. [email protected], © 2021 Tinbum Tuning. Do you live near Liberty, N.Y. ? But why so slow? Tuning Kits; Airforce Airgun Accessories; AOA Gear; Airgun Guides. —-Ed. Air Rifle Pellet Gun Seals Springs and Spare Parts to suit Gamo, Weihrauch, BSA, Hatsan, Cometa, Norica and Diana. Colonel. Select the model: Mod. I had an all-metal-and-wood toy Mauser which had a leather and cloth sling. Having the cocking arm pop open that easy would be most frustrating. EX23 8LY, Sales: It was certainly a lot better than a Diana 34 from 1990! I live near Middletown , N.Y. I thought this one would come out around 35 lbs. Perhaps that is why it shoots so smoothly. 70’s? RWS is known for standing behind their air gun, their warranty is always viewed as the best in the business, and their well-made rifle sells like hot cakes. TbT Air Rifle Tuning. 400 kr-Webb butiken är öppet dygnet runt, vi skickar ut paket alla dagar som inte är röda helgdagar hos oss! Share with: Link: Copy link Information × OK Join. With the addition of a small amount of optional Bum-Slide hi moly paste, this will give you many thousands of quiet, maintenance free shots between services. Cocking is not bad but don’t try to do it slowly. September 19, 2016 at 2:01 am Link. 24 D - 24 T01 - 24 T02 - 24 T03 - 24 T04. Ideally, I would like something like the Delta Wolf in .177 with traditional pellets for pest control with a .22 or .25 conversion for long range (relatively speaking) shooting with slugs. Every now and then I will try a new, tight-fit pellet in my TX200 Mk III. This allows the piston to travel faster, over a shorter distance for the same power. Pelletier Diana’s K98 Mauser pellet rifle is very realistic\. You will be pleased to hear that the vast majority of my students, who range in age from 18 on up (but most are 18-23), have indeed heard of Pearl Harbor, the home of a U.S. New. Diana K98, Any Good? -Y. of effort. The same thing happens in the offhand position, if I let the rifle “thump” into my left hand. There may be a reduced velocity version available in Canada. Dropping 3 foot-pounds isn’t so bad, but when a gun drops 5 foot-pounds in this power range, you know something is up. DIANA – Legendary air rifles For 125 years the brand of DIANA stands for constantly perfected innovation and tradition in the classical construction of air rifles. Fitted delrin spring guide with a top hat, slip washer and 2 preload washers. 35. Do they only change the mainspring for altering the power or they change the piston weight and transfer ports also? (I know because I just checked it. OUT OF STOCK Quick view Voere Side Safety K98/Voere 2155. Click to enlarge. That statement about kids not being taught about Pearl Harbor was just some blurb I heard on a news channel. 16 Joule für die Modelle Diana 31, Diana 34 Classic & Diana 34 Premium, Diana 460 Magnum, Diana 430L, Diana 470 Targethunter sowie das Mauser K98. That’s 5 foot-pounds less than Hobbys and it is diagnostic of something that’s not right. Well, when I fired the first shot I felt the rifle shudder. I also intend to remove the rear ( open) sight, and use my Gamo peep sight. Be sure to test your knowledge and take the fun Air Gun Quiz. Please contact us before making an order containing spare parts Diana, to ensure that the product is available in our warehouse. difference. One more problem, if you load this rifle as in your photo, a dropped pellet will fall back into the action. I am looking at my 2 DSM 34,s, my Paatz sportsbusche, my Norinco KKW copies and I see rear sights that look just like the one,s on Mauser 98 rifles. A heavy scope also moves the center of balance back and makes it easier to hold. A very few might not know that it was attacked by the Japanese, but they know enough of Pearl Harbor to satisfy me and my sense of patriotism. The 460 Magnum I tested in 2008 cocked with 47 lbs. I may even shoot my Chinese under lever gun again. I had to really pull down quick and hard for the safety to come on. This spring will allow the gun to run at it’s maximum designed power, and may require shortening to meet local power restrictions. Diana’s K98 Mauser pellet rifle is very realistic. Second, it’s a real practical pellet rifle, delivering an advertised 1100fps with light .177 pellets and 870 in .22. Perhaps that rear sight hanging over just a tad does make the difference. Since the cocking lever is locked in the open position. In the case of this particular air rifle they will not be changing the transfer port size, but they will be changing the spring and possibly the piston. Model: Diana Mauser K98 Type: Under-lever spring piston Calibre:.22 on test, .177 available Weight: 9.5lbs Length: 44” Barrel: 18” Stock : Authentic Mauser K98 hardwood sporter stock Trigger : 2-stage adjustable T06 unit Velocity Using: AA Diabolo / RWS Superdome pellets High 553 fps High 566fps Low 550 Low 562 Ave 552 Ave 563 Spread 3fps Spread 4 fps Energy : 10.8ft/lbs 10.2ft/lbs CA$170.00. TinBum Tuning You had better have a good hold on that cocking arm! It looks sturdy and has a duplex reticle but it is a primitive long eye relief Scout Scope . If you are near me, we could get together and you could see and shoot my .2 M1.———Ed, Springfield Armory M1A Underlever Pellet Rifle, Powered by WordPress. Custom Parts & Tuning. of effort. Unfortunately,.. all too common from what has been read right here. There is definitely a safety ratchet mechanism involved and that is a good thing. That’s a lot for me to cock — so why is this so easy? Bude Stratton Business park pedram from Canada asked: shipping to Canada ,would it be possible? I will tell you more re this rifle, after I have shot it with a variety of .22 ammo, and at 25 and 50 yards ( if you are interested in the rest of the story). Diana RWS 48/52/54 MAXI Tuning kit £ 45.95. No. I did not clean the factory grease , yet. Januar 2021 : 1.006.894.000 Zugriffe seit Freitag, 11. Hobbys averaged 909 f.p.s. BB, how is a same gun produced in 4 different power levels ? Essex. Diana has combined their proven underlever design with a Mauser K98 inspired stock for a nostalgic winner! The TbT Maxi Pro kit is the same as the TbT Pro kit, but with the addition of a spring. www.airrifletuning.com Speaking of power, I hope this test silences all those who say the K98 is not up to spec. They showed the prototype rifles at the 2015 gun show, and are now putting them on the market. If it had the same weight and balance as my HW 30 S, you would be right. A healthy kick, but all under control. wordt niet online verkocht. I plan to do the same thing with this Diana Mauser. Not made by Diana tho. The TbT Standard guide set will work with your existing spring to reduce spring twang, vibration and recoil at a stroke. There is information re these rifles on the internet. I have to agree with that observation. Gyári erejű rugó a Mauser K98-as légpuskához. Diana has combined their proven underlever design with a Mauser K98 inspired stock for a nostalgic winner! That is for unlicensed ownership. May be possible though. Have you removed the action from the stock yet? Today is the day I test the velocity of the Diana K98 air rifle for you. The only way I have heard of cleaning pellets being used is load the cleaning pellet(s) FIRST, followed by a lead pellet. "Tank-tough" build quality with the heft and handling of its live fire inspiration the new K98 will deliver power and accuracy at long ranges for hunting or pest elimination. View Profile View Forum Posts Registered … Recommended Tank & Adapter to Fill an RWS/Diana PCP Air Rifle. .22 cal. Regarding the cocking lever that won’t stay put, that is a common problem among many Hakims and Diana Model 50 air rifles. You can get the lever to drop out with any ‘abrupt” stop in motion like dropping it on your lap, however it is easy to avoid. Not quite, but almost. Esperto di tuning: Iscritto il: mar 22 mag 2018, 11:43 Messaggi: 2159 Località: peschiera del garda Età: 62 ... "Richiesta informazioni per prodotto Diana K98 Spring N-Tec cal 4.5 libera vendita" Spring? This is possible because of the weight of the rifle, and the balance ( very muzzle heavy.) But the K98 is not a fast-loading air rifle. Sad too that when done in correct balance,… it leads to the “horrible” example you mentioned. Sun Optics 4-14X44 FFP really nice scope. Built to compete with the British BSA, produced in Diana’s original factory prior to the Second World War. According to the manual they make this gun in 4 different power ranges. Smith & Wesson M&P 40. I just picked up my Kingston Armory >22 cal. At the risk of everyone shelving their side and underlevers,… for fear of mangled digits,… I thought that it was quite safe to load them as long as you are holding onto the cocking arm/lever. to a high of 917 f.p.s., so a spread of 14 f.p.s. My first time tearing down any springer, and I was done within one hour. While I was trawling the t'interweb last month I saw the new K98 from the Diana Factory. Specialist air gun “tuning” kits are available from various companies but many of these kits are expensive and often come with unnecessary items adding extra cost. Dec 8, 2018 - Amazon.com : Diana Mauser K98 Air Rifle air rifle : Sports & Outdoors .. I was talking about the magnum springers in the Diana range that have to range between 7.5 and 22 ft/lb This rifle is easy to cock with one hand for me. If you don’t, you end up with an air rifle that jumps around and slaps you side the head and you could not hit the broad side of a barn if you were standing inside. I will be watching for that today. 24 T01; Mod. £85 US$115/€95. Still,.. Personally I wish we could get some 12ft lb airguns in the USA, this gun for example would be far more appealing to me in .177 at 12 ft lbs. You might also like . set back trigger, alum trigger guard, adj butt pad, tuned with Maccari parts, refinished stock that is amazing. I would like to know more. Add to wishlist. I tried hot water so as not to melt the plastic, but the bent loaders dont work. (USN Ret. juiced up to 700 fps plus would be a winner , especially with a wood stock. Ed, Chris The extended piston head is interesting. My pinky and the heel of my hand have no support. Same cocking arm arc, same position of piston at the rear,…. Barrels (7) Crosman Parts (12) Tune Kits (21) Springs (8) Piston Seals & Breech Seals (12) Regulators (18) Stocks (23) Muzzle Brakes (1) FX Airguns (2) Swag. I just now noticed that in the photos this Diana K98 appears to have a length-of-pull which is slightly less than most adult-sized long guns. Unsere Diana-Pressluftgewehre kaufen Sie erwerbsscheinfrei ab 18 Jahren hier bei uns im Luftgewehr-Shop. PX Member. Are there any catches or is it straight forward order and delivery? It was vibration, but not from the mainspring. Looks great, but all I can say is scopes have come a long long way! Diana RWS 34 is one of the best rifles in the market. £420 US$570/€470. I myself intend to make use of their services. why can’t the maker move it forward just a few millimeters? Zahlreiche Sonderangebote warten darauf entdeckt zu werden Diana. Tel. I have taken your advice and ordered a 16 Joule tuning kit. View Profile View Forum Posts Mushroom Man Join Date Dec 2003 Location Cambridge UK Posts 5,802. How do you like it, and where did you find one? HAM’s Top Ten Most Popular Firearm Lookalikes And … 35 S. Mod. His rifle didn't seem to need tuning from the test numbers (velocity), but Diana spring guns have brittle mainsprings that have fooled me before. The Diana K98 marks the beginning of a new chapter for the brand – breathing new life into this classic replica of the Mauser K98. Customising and Tuning. Die Kapazität der Pressluftkartusche (200 Bar -> 80 Bar) hat für 136 Schuss ausgereicht. Information × Yes. Add to Favorites; Add to compare list; Springer Air Guns. etc.. That’s 5.5 foot-pounds, 12.2 foot-pounds, 22.1 foot-pounds and 25.8 foot-pounds. Diana .177 series 70 model 76 Break Barrel - Spring Air Rifle (Ambidextrous) - S/H (11) S/H. Share this topic with: Share. It is made from an old bore brush and a piece of wood for a handle.——-Pardon me, I am going to my workshop to make a few. Die Mauser ist ein Pressluft Gewehr und ist mit einem 100 ccm großen Presslufttank ausgestattet. S. steve123 Lt. Showing all 4 results. He sent a copy of his ffl to Kingston Armory, and they sent it to him, after a 6 week wait. I left the T06 trigger at factory settings. Keeps about 3 years in the fridge. pellet pens trying to turn them into ” krummlauf” style pellet loaders. Ein Klassiker der Waffengeschichte: Das Mauser K98 gibt es nun auch als hochwertig gefertigtes Pressluftgewehr aus dem Hause Diana. R5699. If the fulcrum were 6 inches lower on the rifle (closer to the butt) I would have to bring my core muscles into play when cocking and it would be a 2-hand operation. set back trigger, alum trigger guard, adj butt pad, tuned with Maccari parts, refinished stock that is amazing. the Hobby pellet generates 21.84 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle, so this rifle must be a 30-Joule airgun. I have not looked into it but there is not a lot of space there to perhaps install something to compress its spring without also restricting its ability to compress enough to let the cocking arm pass by. That’s 17 f.p.s. 98 - ausländische Fertigung (2) Magazinkästen Mod. I’m generally not a big fan of replica air guns, but this one caught my eye for a number of reasons: First, it’s a replica of a classic metal-and-wood bolt action rifle, the WWII-era Mauser K98, and not some modern futuristic-looking polymer machine gun. Next product. I can live with it as is. ColdTexan. H&N Baracuda Match pellets with 5.51mm heads, Diana K98 pellet rifle: Part 2 | Airguns: Air Rifles and Pistols, Benjamin Marauder Semi-Auto (SAM) PCP Air Rifle: Part 3, The AV-46M Single Stroke Pneumatic Match Air Pistol: Part 3, Benjamin Marauder Semi-Auto (SAM) PCP Air Rifle: Part 2, Umarex ReadyAir portable compressor: Part 1. Just to add, It would be nice if it never happened but then it would be harder to pull it out. If anyone has questions about this rifle , I will be glad to answer them. As I said at the start, I intend shooting with open sights, because for me this rifle will always be a Mauser. Your tuning instructions are wonderfully detailed and full of insight. Karl from USA asked: would my k98 bayonet fit on this riffle? I might try a scope to select the best pellet, shooting from a rest. Add to basket. But I’m sure they don’t talk about it in liberal colleges. When I use the word ” thump”, I do not mean using the rifle like a hammer. It seems like making one out of the Allen wrench would be the way to go. Condition: like new. Kingston Armory (trade name) is making and selling .22 cal. Hopefully to clear up the springer / gas … A larger diameter compression chamber and piston will compress more air as will a longer stroke, giving more air to push the pellet. I use both my .177 and .22 caliber guns to shoot field targets, water filled beer cans and balloons, clay pigeons, and shatterblast disks at distances ranging from 20 to 100 yards. It is very easy for me to cock this rifle because of this. and just what separates where. Pete Hallock ( aka: PZ1 : Pedro Zapapta 1 ) Orcutt, California. my test K98 cocks with 41 lbs. I could not move or return the lever or release the sliding lock. If you look at the muzzle flip when he pulls the trigger, damn! Not for nothing but a co2 Garand using an 8 shot rotary clip. Luftgewehre kaufen, zur schnellen Lieferung: Hier finden Sie eine große Auswahl von Luftgewehren von den weltweit anerkannten Markenfabrikaten wie zum Beispiel UMAREX Luftgewehre, WEIHRAUCH Luftgewehre zu unseren allseits bekannten Tiefstpreisen.Wir beraten Sie gerne bevor Sie Ihr neues Luftgewehr kaufen. Show sidebar. Diana Pressluftgewehre im Kaliber 4,5 und 5,5 mm. SPARE PARTS FOR FULL POWER MODELS . 598. So the spread is real, and not just one anomaly. If there is already a pellet in the barrel two cleaning pellets will not hurt the mechanism. OR …are you talking a real steal Mauser …? On page 20, unloading a pellet, in a cocked rifle,—- ” insert 2 cleaning pellets and discharge—etc. R5699. Instead, though, the average was only 604 f.p.s., with a spread from 596 to 613 f.p.s. You can call us at +39 030 832176 or write to us at [email protected] One of Ed’s complaints is the rear sight hangs over the loading port, making the rifle difficult to load. I wasn’t supporting the forearm at all, so perhaps that is the difference. I rest the butt on my right leg and that puts the lever so high I almost use my weight to cock the rifle. The last pellet I tried was the 13.43-grain JSB Exact RS dome. These features and the high-quality stock with metal stock fittings, produce a first-class air rifle based on a German bolt action rifle. Receive 10% off your next order when you sign up for PyramydAir.com emails. Has anyone invented a curved pellet pen to aid in loading guns like these? Not made by Diana tho.

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