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JEE Main 2020 Rank Predictor | Joint Entrance Examination 2020 (April/ September Session) is going to take place from 1st to 6th September 2020 (Revised). The candidates get two chances to appear for the exam once in a year i.e January & April and overall they can attempt for the paper six times. It is the hot topic for the candidates appearing in JEE Main 2020 as How JEE Main Rank 2020 is Calculated. The candidates can check the JEE Main Rank Predictor 2020 mentioned here and find out how they will be ranked for NTA JEE Main 2020. JEE Main Rank Calculator is being misunderstood for being a very complicated procedure but we are here providing you with all the important details and processes for JEE Main Rank Calculation 2020.

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JEE Main 2020 Rank Calculator

JEE Main Rank is being calculated on the Candidate’s JEE Main Percentile Score. How is it done? What steps does NTA take in order to calculate your scores? We are providing you with the details with all the necessary explanations. Do not worry about the process, everything is crystal clear and you can, in fact, calculate your own rank if you have the necessary details. Before proceeding for the explanation, check the table given below. All the important details and dates for the JEE Main 2020 April Session are given below.

Important Details

Examination Conducting Body National Testing Agency (NTA)
Name of the Examination JEE Main 2020
Session April/ September Session 2020
Purpose of Examination Entrance Exam for Engineering Courses
Mode of Application Online
Mode of Examination Online (Offline Drawing Paper)
Admission in Engineering Colleges
official website

Important Terms of JEE Main Rank Predictor 2020

Let us check some of the important terms that you would come across in the JEE Main Rank Predictor Process. Make sure you have a clear understanding. We are hereby trying to provide you with the information in as much as possible in the simplest terms.

Raw Score

The Raw Score of JEE Main 2020 Exam would be the exact marks you have achieved in the examination. Raw scores are fairly calculated by seeing how many correct answers have the candidate provided subtracting the negative marks for the incorrect responses. Once you are done with the examination, JEE Main Answer Key 2020 is provided to check if the candidate has answered a given question correctly or not. For each correct response, you are given +4 marks and for each incorrect response, -1 mark is deducted. Now, checking the final JEE Main official Answer Key 2020, you can calculate your raw score.


There is a huge difference between Percentage and Percentile Score. We will be discussing the Percentile Score later. For now, let’s see what is Percentage? Once you have calculated your Raw Score, Sum it up, and find your total in Each Subject and all together. That is Total Raw Marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics / Drawing. Also, sum the marks altogether obtained in 3 subjects.

This is box title

Total Raw Marks multiplied by 100 and divided by total Marks of the Exam is your Percentage.

Percentage = Total Raw Marks X 100 / Total Marks of the Paper

Jee Main Percentile Score

These are the most important scores as JEE Main Rank Calculator functions on the candidate’s Percentile Score. JEE Main 2020 Percentile Score Process is explained below in detail. These scores are not dependent only on how you performed in the examination but also on how the candidates have performed. For the note, Percentile Score is calculated based on the candidates’ performance in a particular Set of Examinations. For Example; the percentile scores will be calculated based on the candidates who appeared on a particular day of exam in Morning / Evening Session. Let us now understand how NTA calculates your JEE Main Percentile Score 2020.

How NTA Calculates JEE Main 2020 Percentile Score?

Percentile Scores can be calculated for the whole exam of the candidate or in each subject too. Let’s check how exactly National Testing Agency calculates the JEE Main Percentile Score of Candidate.

First of all Candidate’s Raw Scores are calculated. Then, NTA compares the raw scores of the candidates who appeared in the same set of the examination as the candidate.

For Example, Candidate A appeared in an Exam Center on Day 1 of the Examination in the morning session. Thus, his Raw Scores will be compared with all the candidates who appeared in Day 1 Examination in Morning Session. The number of candidates who have scored equal or lesser marks then Candidate A will be summed. This sum will be multiplied by 100 and divided by the total number of candidates who actually appeared in the Day 1 Examination in Morning Session.

The formula to be used will be:

The Percentile scores can be calculated for each subject with the same formula except the scores to be compared would be the raw scores of the candidate in a particular subject. To avoid the same scores and equal marks and thus bunching effect, National Testing Agency announced that the Percentile Scores of the candidates would be calculated till 7 decimal digits. Check the video description for the above procedure.

Final Score of the Candidate | JEE Main Rank Predictor 2020

Final Scores of the candidate will be the Percentile Score of the Candidate. That is the candidate’s Rank will be decided based on the Percentile Scores they have achieved. The candidate’s Percentile Scores would be compared now for all the exams conducted in all the days of examination in every session thus the highest scorer would be tagged the first Rank.

How is JEE Main 2020 Rank Predicted?

The candidates would receive their Percentile Scores in both the sessions of the Examinations, JEE Main 2020 January Session, and JEE Main 2020 April Session. First of all, National Testing Agency would compare each candidate’s respective Percentile Scores in both the sessions. If a candidate appears in only one Session, their Percentile Score in another Session will be calculated as Zero, “0”. Thus, their Best Score will be the Exam they appeared in and those marks will be taken into consideration. With Best Scores among Both Sessions, the candidate’s final score will be decided. Now, the candidate who has the highest score will be ranked top.

Tie-Breaking Procedure for JEE Main 2020 Rank Predictor

National Testing Agency announced the official notice and described what process is it going to imply for the Tie-Breaking Process for JEE Main 2020. If 2 or more candidates have Equal Percentile Score up to 7 decimal points then their Percentile Score in Mathematics Subject will be compared. In a similar fashion, if they have an equal score in Maths their Physics and then Chemistry Percentile Scores will be compared.

In case, Total Percentile Score, Maths Percentile Score along with Physics and Chemistry are all equal candidate’s Ages would be compared and Candidate elder in age is ranked higher. If the ages are also the same, the candidate’s Names in Alphabetical Order are considered for the ranking.

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